About the program

The program is designed to equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of programming and computer science. Students will learn to analyze, design, program, and manage information systems and a variety of applications. The curriculum contains a wide range of topics within the programming and computer science fields, including different programming languages, computer networks, databases, information systems, information security, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it is also concerned with the administrative and security aspects of information systems and applications. This program is available at the college branch in Rafha and has recently been approved by the College of Applied Sciences. After completion of the program, students will receive an intermediate professional diploma and a professional certificate after the period of study and training, which lasts for two and a half years and after completing 71 credit hours.



  • Providing students with technical skills for designing and programming computer information systems and fostering communication and critical thinking abilities to effectively address specialization-related issues.

  • Producing graduates capable of studying, analyzing, designing, programming, and operating computer systems using diverse methods, alongside theoretical and applied knowledge relevant to programming and computer science, aligning with industry demands.

  • Training professional personnel to employ modern techniques in planning and analysis within information systems and technology settings through practical and efficient applied training.