This service allows employees to submit complaints and grievances to the relevant committee electronically. Employees can submit complaints about administrative, financial, occupational, and leave-related matters to Complaints Committee, which will review these complaints and provide an answer for them


Click Here to visit the service


How to use the service
  • Login to Employee Account
  • Data must be imported to the employee from the ERP Self-Service Portal; the employee must enter their data and acknowledge the validity of the data provided.
  • All fields must be automatically filled from the ERP Self-Service System.
  • The platform does not classify complaints according to the main areas
  • After registering the employee, they should choose the complaint type.
  • Provide a subject of the complaint with a limit of 50 letters.
  • Explain the complaint with a limit of 500 letters.
  • Upload annexes to the complaint in PDF format.
  • Send the complaint.
Service requirements

All employees are allowed to submit any complaints to the relevant committee 

Last Change Date
27 Muharram 1444