Barq is an advanced service that automates office transactions to enable administrative workflow management according to the vision and requirements of government agencies in Saudi Arabia.

Employees' Data Modifications

  • To change (mobile number/job title/section), an employee must fill the attached form with existing information, then again but with wanted modifications; highlight previous and current information in yellow. 
  • when an employee occupying a certain position is replaced:

1- Add the employee's current information and highlight the record in Employees' Information in red.

2-Add replacement employee's information in the following record in Employees' Information, and highlight it green. 

3-If a new employee whose info has not entered the system is added, the entire employee's information must be filled in, highlighting their record green.

4- If the employee occupies more than one position within the Department/Deanship/College/Vice Presidency, the employee's info is duplicated with only changing the entity's name, so that the employee is added to the different entities. Unadded record is highlighted in green.'

5- The information is filled with employing entity's authorization. It must be sent by the Dean/ Administration Director /Vice Presidents for confirmation before it is added to the system.

6- Technical support can be requested through MY-TRANSACTION to arrange an appointment to update employees' data.


All fields of the employee data form are compulsory, not entering any means that required work is not completed.

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كيفية استخدام الخدمة
  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Click "Register"
  3. Register a transaction
  4. Transaction Registration - Incoming or Outgoing (Data recording screen consists of some tabs which are detailed data - related transactions - attachments)
  5. Fill in the required data
  • The theme and importance of the transaction
  • Transaction No.,  the recipient, and Transaction type 
  • Transaction classification and notes
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20 Muharram 1444

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