Majales is a platform to automate and organize committees and councils' meetings. It saves members' time and effort by allowing them to hold and manage meetings virtually. Majales begins meetings by initiating the session and ends by finalizing meetings' minutes; it distributes members' roles accordingly.

Users on Majales are categorized into:

  1. The Chairman of the Committee or the Council.
  2. The administrator of the Committee or the Council.
  3. The Member.

The administrator can add a committee/meeting, determine the administrator, add members and documents, and then add the meeting, Inform members about the meeting date through SMS, add agenda and inform members of the agenda through SMS, manage comments and written discussion, install attendance and absence Sign the session by the Chairman, then members and submit it again to the Chairman to approve and print the minutes. 

Click Here to go to Majales

كيفية استخدام الخدمة
  • Login to Majales using ID number and password
  • Press the third option (Boards) and then choose (add Board)
  • Fill in the required boxes and press (Add)
Last Change Date
20 Muharram 1444

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